Reading began for my children in the womb By Ms. J. Stewart, Ed.S.

Reading is a fundamental of life. It is necessary in every aspect in order to expand the mind's depth of knowledge and to comprehend basic information. Reading began for my children in the womb. I knew that my children needed to hear words uttered first from my lips to the openings of their developing ears. As my children grew, I continued to read to them each night. Currently, my children are avid readers and take pride in being able to read fluently and are more advanced than their peers. 

As an educator, I know that many students need serious help because they cannot read on their grade level. This saddens me because everything is centered around reading; and if students can't read, then they will have a difficult time succeeding in today's society.

Parents must do a better job at home taking time with their children and teaching them before they even enter the world. Once they have arrived, parents should be reading to their children daily. The ability to read and comprehend is imperative for children if they are to successfully live, mature, and compete in today's society. The children are our future, but we as parents must invest in them FIRST before they can INVEST in themselves and be effective contributors in the world.

Ms. J. Stewart, Ed.S.

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