Our Black Men by Joy Stewart

Aktualisiert: 23. Apr 2018

Our black boys need more black men as role models. These young boys are lost and have no admirable black men, well let me say not enough, to support them, encourage them or show them how to be a MAN! Women are holding it down as mothers, but have NO clue, I repeat, NO CLUE what it is like being a black man, living as a black man, or the struggles black men face daily. Black men need to be the ones teaching our black boys how to LIVE, how to treat women, and how to be productive, successful black men in our society. We need more black men to change their actions as well as mindset and not have these kids just to have them, but actually RAISE THEM!

Joy Stewart is a veteran writer and works as a middle school English teacher. I have worked in this field for thirteen years and am an alumni of Florida A&M University.

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