Just an emotional Kindergarten Mommy. By DaMeka Leslie Whitehead

Our son become our big boy, no longer Mommy's baby.

I thought I was ready, but clearly my "Mommy" emotions had other plans. My breakdowns began two weeks before school in Target, and shortly thereafter shopping for school supplies. One would think I've never sent a child to Kindergarten before. I've done this before with my older son, Khalil 8 years ago, but the emotion took over just the same.

My son Kamden started Kindergarten this past Monday and I must say he was a lot more ready for this transition then I or his father was. We met his teacher a week prior at Open House and all weekend Kamden was saying her name, letting us know that he was more than ready for his 1st Day of School.

As the morning came for the 1st day of school I dressed him in his school uniform and his father and I walked him into this big new building filled new adventures and new beginnings. We were so extremely proud of how he confidently he walked down the huge hallways to his new Kindergarten class.....Kamden own ever step and with every step watched our son become our big boy, no longer Mommy's baby.

Our son become our big boy, no longer Mommy's baby.

Although this transition was difficult; like I'm sure many others will be. I will definitely approach them differently knowing that as parents we must let our children grow and become who God has designed them to be. As parents we have given them all of the necessary tool to "Be Great" so there's no need to cry.....at least that's what I've been telling myself each morning this week as I've got him ready for school.

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