Fighting "Public Education"

This year I learned the truth about me My drive and profession A love/hate war Fighting "Public Education" Why do we teach, preach, and lay down our souls for those in need? Lack of appreciation and respect. Yet they continue to breed! And we stand, sit, plot and plan Its Monday morning. Get that lesson plan. For what! A content-based scam? Ya gon learn today! The Mickey Fickey way Oh no! Not again Schedule change, oh but when? This year I learned...again and again. How to be nauseated, and still eat. Cry with no tears-Depression!?! Beg with no please-Bribery! Fight with no arms-Verbal combat! Speak with no voice-Unexpected actions! See with blurred vision-Middle School is just different! Count without adding-Take your attendance! Lose my mind to sanity-Patience! Listen with a broken heart-Forgiveness! Rest without an official break-Sub my class. ISS! Pay with no money-Token please! Travel with no tour-Where's our Georgia Milestone scores? On this 12th year of teaching This is what I learned. Bleeding fear through infectious wounds we called-"Classroom Observations” Really? Right from Wrong is concerned I showed up.... lesson learned! Take this back! It's too much! Thank you, God, You made me tuff! This year I learned to be a true educator You can't just teach! Carving pathways for our future We can birth, nurture, save or kill lives. Let's start again!

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