10 Things You Don’t Know about Teaching by Terance Shipman, Ed. D.

1. Most teachers teach because they love the art of teaching and children.

2. Teachers spend their own money on many supplies for their classroom.

3. Teachers must use their sick leave for maternity leave, unless they have sick maternity leave doesn’t pay.

4. Teachers must work two jobs to pay their bills.

5. Teachers students’ loans are not forgiving unless teachers work at high risk schools for five years and during that five years teachers must make student loan payments.

6. Teachers make less even than people with similar or less degrees.

7. Teachers devote nights and weekends for grading and planning.

8. Many teachers are offered contracts based solely on administrator’s recommendations.

9. According to ABCNews.com teaching is the 4th most stressful job in America.

10. Many teachers teach because it’s a secure job. It’s a great teaching shortage in America.

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